Grepolis: Two New Worlds in Free-to-Play Strategy Game

15/05/2012 13:39 in News

Publishers InnoGames have announced that they are going to be launching two new worlds for the conquerors of the free-to-play strategy game, Grepolis. These new worlds open up new lands to control and the opportunity for new alliances to be forged!


Two new worlds, Olympia and Pella, will be added to the battlegrounds of the browser-based, online strategy game, Grepolis, today. InnoGames (The West, Tribal Wars) are giving the rulers of the online game the chance to start fresh and shape new worlds.

However, one important thing should be kept in mind when choosing one of these new worlds to play on in Grepolis. Once you have chosen either World en39 (Olympia) or World en40 (Pella), you will not be able to play on the other – so choose wisely!

The settings for the new worlds are as follows:

Olympia – World en39
Conquer system: Revolt
Speed: 1
Unit speed: 1
Alliance limit: 200
Morale: Yes
Beginner protection: 6 days

Pella – World en40
Conquer system: Conquest
Speed: 2
Unit speed: 2
Alliance limit: 80
Morale: No
Beginner protection: 4 days

Source: Game homepage
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